CAHS Associate Professor of History Eileen Eagan has two ongoing projects that delve into the relationship of history, memory, and public space in the city of Portland, Maine.
Dr. Flynn Ross, Associate Professor of Teacher Education, and Dr. Hermeet Kohli, Associate Professor of Social Work are leading an initiative to support the tradition of high quality education based on strong student-teacher relationships and community support in Maine schools by offering new tools and strategies to help teachers and administrators respond to changing demographics.
Michelle Vazquez Jacobus is an Associate Professor in Social and Behavioral Sciences & Leadership and Organizational Studies at LAC. She is currently conducting research on the impact of community engagement in retention, learning, self-esteem and success of non-traditional students at USM, particularly by studying the experiences of students in community engagement classes.
Charlie Colgan
Dr. Charles Colgan presented at the Oct. 30 conference MaineFocus: Solutions for Maine's Economy.
Dr. Matthew Dean, director of the Maine Center for Business and Economic Research and faculty member in the USM School of Business, was recently quoted in the Portland Press Herald article "Delorme keeping up with a revolution".
The Fall 2013 issue of the Council for Undergraduate Research (CUR) Newsletter Undergraduate Research Highlights featured the results of research by environmental science alum Gordon Lane and Associate Professor of Environmental Science Travis Wagner in the area of recycling containers and their influence on municipal household recycling rates.
Earlier this month, the USM Muskie School of Public Service co-hosted the 15th Biannual Adult & Juvenile Female Offenders Conference, the only professional conference focused exclusively on women and girls involved with the justice system.
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has awarded the USM Muskie School with a Susan Harwood Training Grant to support a program aimed at home care assistants and workers in small, community-based nursing homes.
Mark Silber, Assistant Professor of Social and Behavioral Science at USM's Lewiston-Auburn College, is working on an oral history photo-documentary project with Museum L-A.
Dr. Luisa S. Deprez, Department Chair and Professor of Sociology is working with Dr. Sandra S. Butler, University of Maine Professor of Social Work and Graduate Program Coordinator in the UM School of Social Work, on a yearlong, monthly Bangor Daily News feature series that began on Sept. 1, titled “The People Next Door: Struggles in the Changing Economy.”


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