Budgeting for an Event as part of a Grant Proposal

If your grant will include an event of any kind, such as a symposium or conference, USM Conference Services can help you develop an estimate for your budget which includes the following:

  • Space. If you plan on holding the event at USM, Conference Services will provide accurate information about the cost of the space and what is included. They can also help you develop an estimate for events in other locations.
  • Food. Conference Services can help you develop a food estimate based on your goals for number of participants and the length, type, and location of the event.
  • Marketing.  Often overlooked in the development of budgets, this line can affect the success of your event. Conference Services can help you determine whether there is a need for marketing, and, if so, a ballpark cost for developing and implementing a strategy.
  • Registration. If your event potentially involves a group larger than 25-50, registration may become a line item, either for internal department resources or for an external registration service. An efficient registration process can have a positive effect on enrollment.
  • Other.  Conference Services can develop estimates for other event and participant expenses such as tours, transportation, lodging and special events.

To start the conversation, contact Elizabeth Morin at, 780-5962, or visit

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