Scholarship in Exhibition

Professor of American & New England Studies Donna Cassidy is involved in curating two upcoming exhibitions. The first one Beyond the Northern Border: U.S. Artists in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, is an exhibit she is curating for the Portland Museum of Art, a first to examine this artistic migration northward. Beyond the Northern Border establishes the significance of this region in modern American art. It not only will document which artists traveled to eastern Canada, but also investigate how they imagined this locale and what cultural and personal values it held for them. In addition, Beyond the Northern Border will establish the way that many artists re-defined the border to envision a space where the United States and Canada became one. Marsden Hartley and Maine: The Locus of Memory, is the second exhibition she is co-curating with Beth Finch, curator of American art at Colby, for the Colby College Museum of Art, summer 2016: This is the first comprehensive museum exhibition to consider Marsden Hartley, the legendary modern American artist, in light of the complex yet deeply creative connection he maintained to Maine, where he was born in 1877, and died in 1943. It will focus on Hartley's early work in Maine, the Maine subjects he painted abroad, and his return to the state for the late flowering of his career. This period in Hartley's career has never been the subject of a major exhibition.

Research Mission

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