Student Online Journal Ready to Launch!

A new student research journal, dedicated primarily to highlighting the accomplishments of the numerous students engaged in research, scholarship and creative activity from all academic fields at USM, is now ready to receive submissions.

The journal will be written in an accessible style to reach a broad audience, and all articles will be written by the students themselves. This journal will give quality student research important exposure to prospective students, parents, alumni, community members, donors, and the press, while providing a forum for the exchange of research and ideas. It will reflect the unique opportunities students, especially undergraduates, have to pursue scholarly activity outside the classroom during their time at USM.

The journal will be published electronically on USM’s Research web site, with print issues released at Thinking Matters. Submitting a paper to the journal will expose students to scholarly journal writing, manuscript preparation, and the review process, which is valuable not only for graduate and professional schools, but also for every career. 

All papers will be faculty reviewed, and undergo a strict editing process.  The submission portal as well as the author guidelines can be accessed from the journal's submission page.

All faculty members are invited to serve as reviewers, and will be contacted as subject matter warrants.  If you are interested in serving as a faculty reviewer, or if you have any questions, please send an email to Samantha Langley-Turnbaugh at

Research Mission

To support research, scholarship and creative activity to: promote knowledge, discovery and practical application to advance Maine's economy, communities and the quality of life for Maine citizens; to strengthen classroom education and transform the lives of students through real world learning opportunities; and to support faculty and staff commitment to excellence in scholarly accomplishments regionally, nationally and internationally.