Office of Residential Life

First Year Integration


Our Program

FYI is a dynamic program designed to give first-year students an edge in the college experience.  Students live together on the third floor of Upton Hall with other first-year students and create a close-knit community that is conducive to living and learning.  FYI participants all enroll in the fall in LAC 188, a course designed to help first year students manage their academics, explore majors/careers, values and decision making in order to develop specific career goals. Students must register for the section of LAC 188 that is taught in Upton Hall. FYI has a staff of resident assistants and a graduate assistant who live on the floor and provide guidance and academic support.  In addition, the staff host a variety of social and educational activities and events. 


  • Career exploration
  • Connections with students who have similar goals and interests
  • Increased motivation to graduate
  • Leadership development
  • Introduction to university resources and campus life
  • Academic support

Corn maze


Programming is a collaborative effort among the resident assistants, graduate assistant, and residents on the floor. Some past programs have included:

  • Community dinners
  • Pumpkin carving
  • Hall Olympics
  • Time management
  • Haunted hayrides
  • Rock Band/game nights
  • Sledding
  • Class registration help


“This class has helped me realize that I want to run my father’s business. The class has given me the insight and knowledge to succeed and reach my goals. Without this class, I believe I still would be questioning whether or not I want to be in business.”

“Throughout the semester I have learned a number of things about myself while participating in my HRD 110 class. I have narrowed down my interests, identified my abilities and values, recognized my decision-making style and have become more confident in my future thanks to the insight provided to me by this course. This process has helped me discover what kind of career I want and has greatly assisted me in exploring the many number of options available to me for my future. The class has taught me about the career search process and how to successfully narrow down the many options to discover my top career choice. I would not be as far as I am today if it were not for my HRD class and I am glad I had the chance to participate in it for the first semester of my college experience.”