Recreation and Leisure Studies

Nancy E. Richeson Ph.D.

Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies; Coordinator of Gerontology Certificate Program


G26 Masterton Hall, Portland Campus

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“As our population ages and dementia becomes more prevalent, recreational therapists can provide important, non-drug approaches to caring for older adults.”

- Nancy E. Richeson, Professor of Recreation and Leisure Studies

Academic Degrees
University of Nebraska at Lincoln, PhD Gerontology 2001
University of Southern Maine, CAS, Adult Education, focus in gerontology, 1998
University of Nebraska at Omaha, MA Recreation Administration, 1986
Mankato State University, BS Therapeutic Recreation, 1980

Professional Licenses
Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist
Reiki Master/Teacher
Energy Medicine Practitioner
Animal-Assisted Therapy Tester/Observer

Nancy Richeson has been at the forefront of developing recreational therapy interventions for use in the care of older adults. “Non-drug, psycho-social interventions are important alternatives because pharmacological treatments have limited effectiveness for certain behaviors in older adults with dementia––and can have serious side effects.”

Dr. Richeson’s research interests include creating evidence-based practice in recreational therapy by testing the effects of such interventions as animal-assisted therapy, Reiki, and pedometers. In addition to coordinating USM’s online gerontology program, she teaches a variety of courses in the Recreation and Leisure Studies Department as well as health/geriatric-related course work, including wellness education and health in later years.

Recently Dr. Richeson and her colleagues developed a recreational therapy assessment in long-term care titled the BANDI-RT. She has been on the board of directors for the American Therapeutic Recreation Association and the National Council of Therapeutic Recreation Certification. She was recognized as the American Therapeutic Recreation Association's Member of the Year in 2003 and in 2011 was awarded the Scholarly Achievement award. In 2012, Dr. Richeson took on the role of Editor-in-Chief of the American Therapeutic Recreation Journal

Research Interests

Non-drug approaches to care for older adults; Complementary and Alternative Approaches to Health Care; Evidence-Based Practice in Recreational Therapy

Recent Publications

Richeson, N.E. (2012). Recreational therapy’s role in creating therapeutic environments for older adults.  Journal of Art and Design, No.2. p. 37-50.
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