Department of Recreation and Leisure Studies

RATE Information Wish List

The mission of the Recreation Assistive Technology Exchange (RATE) is to share information about recreation resources and assistive devices that are available to Mainers who have disabilities. Hopefully others will benefit from RATE information as well. If you know of a recreation resource that is not in the RATE Database or if you have developed a recreational assistive device that other people may benefit from using, please consider sending it to RATE so that it can be reviewed and placed in the RATE Database. If you want to have your name associated with a device that you have made, RATE will include your name if the device is placed in the gallery of assistive devices. Contributions and inquiries should be sent to Linda R. Meyer, PhD, CPRP at . Dr. Meyer can also be reached at (207) 780-4654.RATE is particularly interested in obtaining information about the following:

1. Accessible fishing locations in Maine (piers, bridges, streams, ponds, boat ramps…) as well as home made assistive fishing devices

2. Accessible playgrounds

3. Toy adaptations

4. Accessible miniature golf courses and driving ranges

5. Maine organizations that focus on providing recreation, sports or art (music, dance, drama or visual arts) opportunities for persons with disabilities including inclusive programs.

6. Maine organizations that rent recreation assistive devices, e.g., adapted cycle rental…

7. Maine organizations that offer adapted sailing, kayaking, canoeing, or hunting opportunities and/or instruction.

8. Any organization that lists or sells used recreation assistive devices.

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