School of Business

Alice Cash

Director for Academic Administration, CMHS
Alice Cash


121 Luther Bonney

Contact Information

Phone: 207.780.4184

Alice is responsible for providing strategic direction for the delivery of services to students in all areas of student success including advising, career services and internships. Alice works with the School's faculty and staff in carrying out the student affairs and academic functions of the School. This includes ensuring the availability of services at times that are responsive to student needs. Alice will continue to manage the School's graduate programs. Alice earned her Associate's degree in Liberal Arts from USM in 1994, her B. S. in Accounting from USM in 1997 and her MBA from USM in 2000. Alice worked in the USM Admission Office from 1987 through 1993 when she joined the School of Business to do support work with the graduate programs. Alice taught ABU 190 Spreadsheets and Problems Solving on a part-time, overload basis from 2000 through 2006.