School of Business

BS in Business Administration - General Management Major with General Management Track

Students in this track select advanced study courses across multiple fields of business.

In addition to the requirements listed in the BS, the following requirements apply to the General Management Track:

At least 50 percent of credit hours applied to the major must be taken at USM. No more than 3 credits of internship can count toward the major. Students must earn a grade point average of 2.33 or higher in the 15 credits applied toward the major.


Select 3 credits from each of three different disciplinary areas:

  • Accounting (ACC 301-329)
  • Finance (FIN 321-330)
  • Information Management (BUS 377)
  • Law (BUS 380, BUS 382)
  • Management (BUS 335, 342, 346, 347, 383-385, 485)
  • Marketing (358-369, 398)
  • Risk Management and Insurance (RMI 320-350)
  • Sport Management (BUS 311, BUS 312, BUS 315, BUS 316)

Select 6 credits of 300-level or higher ACC, BUS, FIN, or RMI courses.