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Dr. Pavel Yurche


  Dr. Pavel Yurche
  Game & Web Administrator

Education History:

1929 B.S. Plopkin College of Technology, Gdansk, Poland.
Major Area: Fashion Design
1931 M.S. University of Hyperbole, Thule, Greenland.
Major Area: Rhetoric

Ph.D. Flagella Institute of Biotechnology, Secaucus, N.J.
Major Area: Pre-History
Thesis: Selected Works of the Early Jurassic Period

Employment History:

1946-54 Staff Planner, Western Front, U.S. War College
1954-72 Enrolee, Leavenworth Institute
1973-93 Abner Yokum Professor of Computing and Agriculture,
University of Maine (Orono)
1993-Present Owner & CEO, Sanctified Software Services, Inc.
"We Pray Our Software Works!"

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