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USM School of Business presents a new interdisciplinary course in conjunction with the Maine Center for Graduate Professional Studies.
We are accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. Less than 5% of business schools worldwide have earned this achievement!
The School of Business has been selected by the Princeton Review as one of the Best Business Schools for 2015. USM is the only Maine school to make the list.
USM's Business School makes Princeton Review's top schools' list
We offer 5 undergraduate majors that best prepare students to excel in the business community by pairing their interests and professional goals
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Our Mission

We prepare and inspire current and future leaders and stimulate economic growth by providing quality learning opportunities, valuable research, and professional service, all in partnership with the business community.

The USM School of Business is located in Portland, Maine - an acclaimed faculty and serious, career-minded students working hand-in-hand with New England's business leaders to create academic and real world, practice-based partnerships inside the classroom and inside the business place.

AACSB accreditation is the mark of quality distinction most widely sought after by business schools -- less than 5% worldwide have earned the achievement. Explore our site and find out why the School of Business at USM should be your choice for a business education.

News & Events

Kevin Matthews, a USM Senior, was recently selected for a Spring Training Internship in Ballpark Operations for the Boston Red Sox.
Photo of Business Management major Collin Cassidy
Business Management junior Collin Cassidy of Fort Fairfield has joined the Portland office of Clark Insurance as a summer intern.
Photo of Scott Cohen, son of Gene
Entrepreneurial students at the University of Southern Maine’s School of Business will soon be the beneficiaries of a special scholarship award, established to reward students with special skills in honor of Gene R. Cohen

Learning Beyond the Classroom -- Community Engagement

USM Business majors-Unum Scholars, Ben Polcaro and Adam Britten

As a Metropolitan University, the University of Southern Maine partners with businesses and institutions throughout the state, region and nation. USM's School of Business students gain hands-on experience with more than 200 businesses and organizations in the surrounding community and beyond. The list includes the nationally known, such as Unum, LL Bean, TD Bank, Boston Bruins,  Prudential, Trader Joe’s and AARP, plus regional businesses such as AAA Northern New England, Garrand Advertising, Bath Savings Institution, Allagash Brewing, Portland Sea Dogs, Macpage LLC and Mercy Hospital.

International Substitutions

The following Fall 2016 courses have been approved as acceptable substitutes for the "Other approved courses" in the GMG-BSBA, International Business track.  

ECO  315 - 0001   Economic Development - Joseph Medley

The theories and practices of interregional and international economic development. Special attention is given to developmental problems of emerging nations. Prerequisite: any 100-level ECO course. Cr. 3.

HTY 394 Topics: Europe in the 20th Century – Abraham Peck

No description specific to the topic - An analysis of a selected historical problem not already covered by regular course offerings in history will be offered. The course may be repeated for credit when different topics are offered. (Offered occasionally.) Cr. 3. 

HTY 334/LSH 340  -The Holocaust: Policy, Practice, Response  - Abraham Peck

An examination of the roots of anti-Semitism in European history, the development of the policy of the extermination of the Jews and others in Nazi Germany, and the implementation of the policy throughout Europe during the Second World War. The varied aspects of the response of individuals and governments to the experience of the Holocaust are also considered. Prerequisite: HTY 102. Another course in twentieth-century Europe or the United States is also recommended.  Cr. 3. 

HUM 325 World History and Geography I – Donald Beane

This is the first in a series of two courses that are designed to help students develop an understanding of and an appreciation for world history and geography. The course's goal is to provide students with a humanistic background from which to better comprehend global complexities. This course will cover the period from prehistory to the age of modern expansion, from about 50,000 to 500 years ago.  Prerequisite: Only students with more than 45 credits are permitted to take this course. This course has been approved by the State Department of Education for content area in secondary Social Studies. Prerequisite: Any Entry Year Experience Course (or concurrent) Cr.3

PHI 315/HTY 377 - 0001   Chinese Thought: Confucianism, Daoism and Zen Buddhism - Jie Zhao

Prior to the modern era, the Chinese interpreted their world through traditional idea systems, the most prominent of which were Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism. This course will explore these traditions: their assumptions and values, their varieties and internal tensions, and their relationships to the larger social system. Prerequisite: HTY 171 recommended. Cr 3. 

POS 405 The European Union – Francesca Vassallo

An examination of a unique example of political, economic, and cultural integration. The course will emphasize the evolution, enlargement, international positioning, and political organization of the European Union. Prerequisite: POS 101J or POS 102J or POS 104J or POS 205, or permission of the instructor. NOTE: All School of Business majors have permission to enroll without prerequisites. Cr. 3.

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