Social and Behavioral Sciences

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A Special Message:

Have you signed up for Spring classes yet?  Some SBS classes are filling.  Other electives, if continuing with low enrollment, could be at risk of being cancelled.  So, either way, it makes sense to sign up now! Contact LAC’s Student Success Center or your faculty advisor if you have questions.

Some Spring SBS classes to consider include:

Two Courses for Public Health Minor:


SBS 308 Health, Illness, and Culture
This course is an examination of the cultural dimensions of health and illness. Consideration will be given to contemporary issues such as the definition of health and illness, the distribution of diseases across different populations, cross-cultural variations in treatment models, and the implications thereof for health and human service professionals. Cr 3

SBS 337   Intro to Epidemiology
This seminar course introduces the student to epidemiology as a utility for the establishment and maintenance of public health. In essence,  epidemiology involves the observation and statistical analysis of the occurrence of health and disease in human populations. This science informs the practice of preventive health/disease control and the formulation of public health policy. Seminar topics will be drawn from both infectious and chronic disease epidemiology ranging from the historical plagues such as the Black Death to the modern plagues of AIDS, cancer, and obesity. Recommended prerequisites include Introductory Biology  and Statistics. Cr  3.


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