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2015-2016 Schedule of Meetings

MaineSASP Meetings are scheduled for the first Tuesday of each month that class is in session.  Time varies by semester.  Past and current students are invited and encouraged to attend.

  • March 3, 2015  I  6:30-7:00PM  I  Graduate Student Lounge, 4th Floor Bailey Hall 
  • April 7, 2015  I  6:30-7:00PM  I  Graduate Student Lounge, 4th Floor Bailey Hall 
  • May 5, 2015  I  6:30-7:00PM  I  Graduate Student Lounge, 4th Floor Bailey Hall 


Join MaineSASP - Membership - Issue Form - Archived Materials


What is MaineSASP?

The Maine Student Affiliates of School Psychology (MaineSASP) is a group comprised of school psychology graduate students at The University of Southern Maine. MaineSASP strives to:

  • Foster a sense of community among and with our fellow graduate students;
  • Network with alumni, faculty, and professional organizations;
  • Interact with the community through volunteering, advocacy, and financial support;
  • Link up with local and national organizations and compile a list of workshops, talks, and conventions on our site; and
  • Support a specific local community charity through fundraisers and volunteer time.


Join MaineSASP - Membership - Issue Form - Archived Materials