Student Government Association

Student Senate

Executive Board:

Joshua Dodge - Chair

Judson Cease - Vice Chair

Ashley Rose - Treasurer, Finacial Review Committee Chair

Elizabeht Bishop - Secretary, Public Relations Committee Chair

Joshua Tharpe - Parlimentarian, Constitution Review Committee Chair

William Webb - Student Affairs Committee Chair



Responsiblities of Student Senate include*:

  1. The Student Senate shall make recommendations on any matters or concerns affecting the USM undergraduate body to approptiate University officer or policy-making body to which the qestion pertains.
  2. The Student Senate's areas of responsiblitiey inlcude, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Student Life. The Student Senate shall be responsible for reviewing and making recommendations and/or resolutions concerning policies in such areas as: student life, admissions, financial aid, discipline, advising, counseling, housing, food services, placement, and recreationalfacilities and activities, and communicating these recommendations to the Student Body President for distribution to the appropriate University Body.
  • Counsel. The Student Senate shall provide advice on any matter the Student Body President, USM President or USM administration chooses to bring before the Student Senate.
  • Student Activity Fee. The Student Senate shall be responsible for the allocation of the Student Activity Fee. Although these funds are designed and intended for the use of SGA-recognized student groups and SGA-sponsored student events, any other funding request will be considered.

*Taken directly from 43rd Student Senate Constitution