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Boman Desai

Boman Desai


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Contact Information

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Boman Desai is the author of four novels: The Memory of Elephants 
(University of Chicago Press, 2000); Asylum, USA (HarperCollins/India, 
2000); A Woman Madly in Love (Roli Books, 2004); and Servant, Master, Mistress (Roli Books, 2005). He has been published widely in the US, UK, and India in such periodicals as Another Chicago Magazine, Stand Magazine, Gay Chicago Magazine, Sonora Review, The Atlantic Literary Review, Fezana Journal, The Times of India, and The Chicago Tribune. He has also published a nonfiction novel in two volumes, Trio and Trio 2 (AuthorHouse, 2004/2006), grounded in the lives of the Schumanns and Brahms. He has taught at Truman College and Roosevelt University, won awards for short fiction (Illinois Arts Council, Stand Magazine), and had a poem and novels shortlisted for the War Poetry, Dana, and Noemi awards.

Recent Publications

Selected Publications:

TRIO 2 (nonfiction novel), AuthorHouse, October 2006

Servant, Master, Mistress (novel), Roli Books, December 2005

“Pretty Boys and Fat Girls” (article), The Pioneer, June 14, 2004

TRIO (nonfiction novel), AuthorHouse, June 2004

A Woman Madly in Love (novel), Roli Books, March 2004

“The Boy Brahms” (article), University of California/Davis, 19th Century Music, Fall 2003

“Bridget Allworthy Speaking” (paper), The Atlantic Literary Review, 
April-June 2001

The Memory of Elephants (novel), University of Chicago Press, 2001; 
HarperCollins/India, October 2000; Penguin India, 1992; Sceptre Books 
(Hodder & Stoughton), 1990; Andre Deutsch, 1988

Asylum, USA (novel), HarperCollins/India, October 2000

“Goa on the Go” (travel article), Weber Studies, Winter 1998

“Meeting of the Twain” (article), The Times of India, December 1998

“Pandora’s Box” (story), VOX 2: The Gentleman Collection of New Fiction, 

“This Thicket,” Living in America, Westview Press, 1995

“Uncle Gottschalk’s Legacy” (story), The Raymond Gentleman Collection, 1994

“Under the Moon” (story), Another Chicago Magazine #19, 1989

“A Fine Madness” (story), Stand Magazine, Autumn 1989

“The Blond Difference” (story), Debonair, February 1986

“A Mother Who Played Mozart” (memoir), Chicago Tribune, 1982

“Bridget Allworthy Speaking – With Hindsight” (paper), Tucson, AZ, Sonora 
Review #2, 1981

“A Modern Fairy Tale” (story), serialized in 12 issues of Gay Chicago Magazine, Volume 2, Numbers 17 – 28, April 26-July 12, 1979