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Faculty member Sarah Braunstein’s short story “Marjorie Lemke” is in the latest issue of The New Yorker, on newsstands today.
“Penobscot River, LPP, Old Town, Indian Island, ME” by CorpsNewEngland via Flick
Jaed Coffin describes his time on the Penobscot Indian Reservation in Indian Island, this week on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog.
David Anthony Durham
News and updates for Stonecoast community alumni, students, and faculty. Click on the link to read full details.
Altered Egos poster
Faculty member Elizabeth Searle previews the Stonecoast sponsored events happening during AWP 2013. Click on the link to read the full article.
The Stonecoast community has come together to offer several exciting events that will take place during the AWP Conference March 6th-9th. Click on the link for more information.
broken cup by Joanna Bourne
Faculty member Tony Barnstone gives us insight into the creative process and a preview of his panel for the AWP conference, this week on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog.
Lady Zen
The Stonecoast MFA Program will kick off its Stonecoast Reading Series on February 27 in celebration of Black History Month and the MFA Program’s Tenth Anniversary. The event will feature the music and poetry of Stonecoast student and local performer, Lady Zen.
Aaron Hamburger demonstrates how remembering your high school crush can help you build character in your stories-this week on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog.
photo by Helen Peppe
"And would that trust differ from the usual writerly appeal of winter—you know, the hush of snowy, shortened days, the notion of holing up, undistracted, and cranking out those pages that need a cocoon in which to grow?” - Barbara Hurd on “The Mind in Winter”, this week on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog. Read the full post at
Duck and Cover
1962. America’s postwar innocence teeters on the brink of a massive culture change: racial integration, feminism, school prayer, Vietnam, Bob Dylan and The Beatles, the birth control pill… Such is the world surrounding DUCK AND COVER, a new play by York playwright/novelist and Stonecoast Faculty member, Michael Kimball. Click on the link for further details.


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