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A Northeast Ohio native, Cerveny is a 1969 graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Art, and worked professionally as a ceramic artists for more than 20 years. She helped found the Coventry Street Arts Fair in the 1970s, and throughout the 1980s served as a trustee and president of Ohio Craftsmen, a statewide service organization for professional craft media artists.
Stonecoast alumna Ellen Meeropol blogs about social change, this week on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog
Richard Cambridge
This month’s Stonecoast Reading Series event will feature poet and Stonecoast alum Richard Cambridge, who will read from his work as well as the work of fellow Stonecoast writers and other favorite poets. Wednesday, April 24th, 7:00pm at Local Sprouts 649 Congress Street, Portland.
When I was a child I would crawl under my bed, with my gilt-edged copy of Grimm’s Fairy Tales and a flashlight, to read. I felt adventurous hidden from the world behind the counterpane, snug as if I were in cave as I pored over stories illustrated with toothpick fairies and anthropomorphic animals. My mother would be practicing the piano, indefatigably repeating bars, mostly by Mozart, whom she found divine.
White Lily by weapher via Flickr
Deadline. It’s not a warm and fuzzy word. In fact, it can remind us of the hospital monitor flatline that usually means the patient is, you know, dead.
Literary Orange
News and updates for Stonecoast community alumni, students, and faculty. Click on the link to read full details.
Today is the day to play jokes. To set someone up only to announce, at the last crucial moment, “April Fool’s!” To assure that whatever line of malarkey we just stated is totally untrue. Many writers and various other creative types do a version of this, no matter the date on the calendar, delivering all kinds of silly statements. The difference: We often say these things not only to others but to ourselves, and we’re not joking.
Meeting the Tormentors in Safeway
"The poems in Tormentors are not all about bees or bullies, but they do deal with the way in which life torments one in small ways, in the most mundane of environments.” New faculty member Alexandra Oliver talks about her new book, this week on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog.
Faculty member Sarah Braunstein’s short story “Marjorie Lemke” is in the latest issue of The New Yorker, on newsstands today.
“Penobscot River, LPP, Old Town, Indian Island, ME” by CorpsNewEngland via Flick
Jaed Coffin describes his time on the Penobscot Indian Reservation in Indian Island, this week on the Stonecoast Faculty Blog.


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