Student Accounts

University Waivers

University Waivers

Employee & Dependent Tuition Waivers

The employee and dependent tuition waivers are contingent upon your contract with the University.   For information on what you qualify for in waivers as an employee or dependent of an employee, click here.

NOTE:  Only tuition is covered by the waiver.  The  mandatory fees,  other 1/2 of tuition (dependents), are the students responsibility and must be paid when incurred.  Failure to pay the fees by the due date will result in late payment fees of up to $200.00.

Native North American Waiver

For more information regarding the specific requirements for this waiver, please visit the Multicultural Affairs website.  

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Senior Citizen Tuition Waivers

Application Form

To receive this waiver an individual must be:

  • a Maine Resident &
  • age 65 or older, or will become 65 during the semester for which they are requesting the waiver &
  • registered for undergraduate coursework.

An application form must be completed and submitted to the Student Accounts Office with proof of age and payment for mandatory fees. 

Mandatory fees to be waived: unified, health, and student activity.

Fees that will not be waived: transportation, course fees, and other miscellaneous fees that may be posted to the student's account.

Enrollment will be subject to space availability.