Student Success

Advising Network Site Contributors

The Advising Network was created by a University-wide team of staff, faculty, and students without whom this effort would not have been accomplished.

Advising Network Committee:

  • Andrew Anderson, CSTH
  • Alice Cash, CMHS
  • Janis Childs, CSTH
  • Pam Edwards, CAHS
  • Cathy Fallona, CMSH
  • Beth Higgins, SSC
  • Kim-Marie Jenkins, LAC
  • Daniel Stasko, LAC
  • Bonnie Stearns, CSTH
  • Yvonne Souliere, SSC
  • Theresa Theodose, CSTH
  • Gerri Therault, CSTH
  • Jeannine Uzzi, CAHS
  • Patti Volland, CAHS
  • John Voyer, CMHS
  • Kimberly Warren, CMHS
  • Brenda Webster, CSTH

Web Design:

  • Todd Magee, Media Studies
  • Jake Alves, Media Studies

Content Redesign:

  • Michael Tardiff, Media Studies

GPA Calculator:

  • Brian Hartsock, Computer Science major

Faculty Video:

  • Advisor - Wil Kilroy, Professor of Theatre, CAHS
  • Student - Casey Turner, Theatre
  • Music composition – Nicholas Boland, Music Performance

Student Video:

  • Advisor - Jeannine Uzzi - Professor of Classics,CAHS
  • Student - Alex Kapack, Theatre
  • Student - Jaqueline Cascella, Theatre


  • Katie Day, Media Studies
  • Michael Waye, Media Studies

Directors (Faculty and Student Videos):

  • Pam Edwards, Director of Student Academic Affairs, & CAHS Advising, CAHS
  • Beth Higgins, Executive Direct Director of Advising and Academic Resources Services

Study Away Video:

  • Student: Jaqueline Cascella - Theatre
  • Staff: Larisa Kruze


  • Dominica Cipollone


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