Student Success

Advising Notes

Congratulations on completing the Advising Notes Training!  Your next step is to sign your Certificate of Completion and complete the Security Access Form.

Once the form is completed and the needed signatures are acquired, the form and your certificate should be forwarded to the USM security liaison Tamara Saarinen, Human Resources,128 School Street Gorham Campus. You will receive an email indicating that your security access is finalized.

Blackboard will remain available to you should you find a need to review the training.  

If you have questions regarding Advising Notes please feel free to call any of the following individuals.

Alice Cash 207/ 780-4184
Pam Edwards 207/ 780-4396
Amy Gieseke 207/ 780-5921
Helen Gorgas-Goulding 207/ 780-4629
Beth Higgins 207/ 780-4632
Karen Martel 207/ 228-8182
Rodney Mondor 207/ 780-5281
Kim Warren 207/ 780-5902
Bonnie Sterns 207/ 780-5050
Gerri Therault 207/ 780-5782
Brenda Webster 207/ 780-4802
Lynsey Wood 207/ 753-6561

Remember that once a note is saved, it is visible immediately by the student and becomes part of the students’ official academic record.  If you would like more information about FERPA, you can either revisit that specific section in the training module, or you can read the official FERPA regulation.

Steve Rand, 207/ 780-5107, is the best person if you have specific questions regarding FERPA.