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Are you interested in earning college credit while still in high school? Is there a class you need to graduate from high school but can’t fit it into your schedule? Talk to your School Counselor and discuss the possibility of taking introductory classes in a subject you’re interested in to receive college and high school credit.

To participate we need an application filled out and signed by your School Counselor, parent and yourself with an up-to-date transcript and any test scores you may have. We also ask that you submit a Transcript Request Form with your application materials in order to have your grades transferred to the high school. You're responsible for getting your grades to your School Counselor.

You must meet the pre-requisite for any course you are interested in. You can meet those pre-requisites by providing test scores, such as those listed below.

***Some courses in math and the sciences requires minimum test scores from AP/SAT/PSAT/ACT tests to fulfill prerequisites.***

How to find courses…

Courses will be available online in October/November for the spring semester and March/April for the fall semester in the MaineStreet Class Search. Be sure to select the correct university and semester when looking for classes during a specific term. To review the enrollment requirements and course pre-requisites click on the hyperlinked “Section” of any course.

To help you search for classes and fill out the course information on the application here are two PDF’s.


How to use MaineStreet Course Search

Billing questions???

If you have questions regarding the billing process or what ways you can pay your bill, contact Pat Fecteau in the Student Accounts office at or 780-4028.