Student Success

Message from the President

Welcome to the Advising Network Student Portal! OPresident Theo Kalikowur most important job is your success! This website will point you to resources that will help you get the most out of your education.
If you’re just starting out with your higher education, or if you’re transferring from another institution, you’ll find resources to help you access professional advising support to help you plan how to get acclimated to the USM experience and meet your degree requirements. You’ll also be encouraged to seek faculty mentoring, which will play a pivotal role in helping you prepare for life and career. This is a powerful combination!

If you’re a graduate student, you’ll want faculty and professional advice during advanced studies in your field, and career networking and mentoring. Start exploring now!

You’ll find keys to these resources right here. Take some time to find out what this Advising Portal offers. We aim to transform your life! Help us do all we can to help you fulfill your dreams.

Theo Kalikow, President

USM President's House