Sustainability at USM

Bicycle Collective

The USM Bicycle Collective is a student run joint effort between the USM Office of Sustainability and the USM Students for Environmental Awareness & Sustainability (SEAS), dedicated to promoting cycling on and off campus and teaching bicycle maintenance.  The USM Bicycle Shop envisions a future campus that prioritizes sustainable transportation while promoting bicycle over car.  Our hope is to relieve the campus of it’s traffic and parking issues, promote health and wellness, and reduce the carbon footprint of our University.

The USM Bicycle Collective is still in construction!  We hope to launch in the spring of 2014.  In the meantime, e-mail Shaun Carland (USM Bicycle Collective Director) at

Future Services Offered:

  • Interactive classes, clinics, and assistance to teach bicycle maintenance and safety.
  • Bicycle Repair and Tune Ups
  • Bicycle Storage
  • Refurbished used bicycles for purchase or rental
  • Access to bicycle tools and parts.
  • Bicycle Registration
  • Volunteer and internship opportunities