Sustainability at USM

Climate Action Plan

As a signatory of the American University and College Presidents' Climate Committment, the University of Southern Maine created a Climate Action Plan (CAP) to outline goals for being a climate neutral institution by 2040. Carbon neutrality is defined as having a net zero carbon footprint. USM's CAP includes figures on waste, transportation, energy use, and many other factors that contribute to climate change.

The Climate Action Plan utilizes Fiscal Year 2006 as a baseline year for gauging green house gas (GHG) emissions. In 2010 USM performed a GHG Inventory and will continue to report GHG emissions biennially to monitor progress. The goal is to continue to reduce carbon emissions to the point of being carbon neutral across all our campuses by 2040. 

USM's Progress Reports, GHG Inventories and Climate Action Plan can be found on the ACUPCC Reporting Page by searching for 'Southern Maine'. Reports by all other institutions participating in the Committment can also be found here.

Learn more about carbon neutrality, the Committment, and why it is important on the ACUPCC Website