School of Social Work


Mission Statement

The University of Southern Maine’s School of Social Work is committed to educating culturally competent social work practitioners for multi-level, strengths-based practice that values social justice, in order to enhance the well-being of diverse individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.

School of Social Work Diversity Statement

Commitment to diversity is an integral part of the School of Social Work’s mission.  The School of Social Work faculty and staff are committed to preparing culturally competent social work practitioners.  We welcome and honor people of all ages, abilities, creeds, cultures, genders, races, sexual orientations, and socio-economic statuses.  We value intellectual curiosity, pursuit of knowledge, academic freedom, and integrity, and vigorously promote a safe atmosphere where ideas can be presented and challenged in a mutually respectful manner. We promote values of social justice and social change, and strive to end discrimination, oppression, poverty, and other forms of social injustice through partnership with the community and in our teaching, scholarship, and service endeavors.