Information Architecture

Information about the Information Architecture process

Libraries and Technology Information Architecture RFP

Please find attached a Request for Proposals (RFP) from the University of Southern Maine for building an information architecture in the areas of Libraries and Technology. 

The University has recently adopted a new Information Architecture  and is currently migrating content to this architecture. Project information can be found at: This RFP is to build out the sub-section of the University relating to Libraries and Technology. Details are included in the attached RFP. Questions can be directed to Stephen Houser <>.

Stephen Houser
Executive Director for Computing Services

David Nutty
University Librarian and Director of ITMS

Final Information Architecture Wireframe

Dynamic Diagrams delivered the Final Information Architecture Wireframe to USM on January 26, 2011. This final wireframe provides the framework from which the visual redesign of the USM Web site will be created by the Swardlick/Fuseideas team.

Final Content Recommendations Report

Dynamic Diagrams' Final Content Recommendations Report, presented September 2010, provides guidelines for content authors to create and maintain content using a common user interface, the Drupal content management system.

Section 508 Accessibility Report

Dynamic Diagram's Section 508 Accessibility Report provides guidelines for USM to achieve Web accessibility goals and compliance.

Final Information Architecture Diagram

The Web CMS Project team has collected comments and feedback from the draft information architecture diagram to create the Final Information Architecture Diagram presented by Dynamic Diagrams in January 2011. This is the framework which will be used to guide the re-architecting of the USM Website.

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