Teacher Certification


Thinking about teaching? THINK USM! We have a rich history of preparing teachers since the founding of Gorham Normal School in 1878. Currently, we have undergraduate and graduate pathways for early childhood, elementary and middle and high school teaching. Our teacher education program is distinct: students learn to teach in real world settings through field experiences beginning in their first year and receive superior content preparation, earning a degree in a liberal arts or science field. Join our professional learning community of faculty, staff and students.

Undergraduate Teacher Education:

Select a Major

At USM, undergraduates select an early childhood (birth-age 5), elementary (K-8), secondary, or K-12 teacher certification area, and based upon this selection, they pursue a liberal arts or science major designed to give prospective teachers the content knowledge they need as teachers.

Pursue Core Requirements and Participate in Field Experiences

While pursuing their major, students take a series of teacher education courses that fulfill their University Core Curriculum requirements. These courses introduce students to  aspects of teaching and learning and give them hands on experiences in community agencies and schools where they can connect what they are learning to the real world.

Complete an Internship Experience

The program culminates in a year-long internship experience during which students complete their professional teacher preparation courses and student teaching in urban or suburban early childhood, elementary, middle or high schools located in southern Maine partner school districts.

Graduate Teacher Education:
How it Works

The graduate teacher education programs at USM are designed to prepare early childhood, special education, and elementary, middle and high school teachers who are knowledgeable of the content they will teach and who have the skills to apply that knowledge to teaching.