Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification Areas

USM students have the opportunity to pursue one of the following content areas:

Undergraduate Teacher Certification Options


Major Leads to Certification In
Art Education K-12 Art
Biology 7-12 Life Science
Chemistry 7-12 Physical Science
English K-8 and 7-12 English Language Arts
Environmental Science 7-12 Life or Physical Science
Geography-Anthropology K-8 and 7-12 Social Studies
History K-8 and 7-12 Social Studies
Math 7-12 Math
Music Education K-12 Music
Natural and Applied Science at LAC K-8, 7-12 Life Science
 Physics  7-12 Physical Science
Self-Designed STEM K-8 Education major K-8
Social and Behavioral Sciences at LAC Early Childhood


Graduate Teacher Certification Options