Teacher Education

Ken Jones

Associate Professor


500 Bailey Hall

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 780-5638


I came to USM in 2002 after spending two years in Anchorage, Alaska, twenty-three years in Louisville, Kentucky, seven years in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. My professional work in education has focused on teacher development, mathematics education, classroom assessment, and school accountability. I have been a middle school teacher, director of a school-university partnership, and school district mathematics specialist.

Teaching Perspective

In my teaching, I am interested in empowering people to inquire for themselves, make informed and equitable decisions, reflect upon their work, and have some good laughs. I enjoy building relationships with students and orchestrating collaborative group dynamics. To me, teaching is a practice, calling for ongoing attentiveness, responsiveness, study, and creativity. It's not just a job.

Intellectual Pursuit

I am interested in generating new ideas to solve problems. I explore this in my math methods class, my classroom assessment class, and my analysis of teaching class. I have edited a book that elaborates a new model for school accountability that does not rely on high stakes testing. I work with my faculty colleagues to continuously invent new ways of improving our teacher education program.

Personal Side

I am in favor of casual clothes, witty repartee, spontaneous bursts of singing, hiking in beautiful places, cool tools, and non-rational mysteries. I love my circle of family and friends. I want peace and justice now. I keep getting older and being surprised.