Teacher Education

MTL Degree Options for 9-month ETEP Completers

Other Master’s Degree Possibilities for the 9-month Option

ETEP, TEAMS, or CLASS completers in the 9-month program can continue in their program and complete the M.S.Ed. in teaching and Learning. Or, completers can choose another master's degree option, as shown below.

Applied Literacy Program - This program provides an opportunity for ETEP, TEAMS, or CLASS students to complete their master’s degree in a focused area (literacy). The program in applied literacy builds upon the curriculum and experiences of ETEP, gives novice teachers increased skill as literacy teachers, and leads to further opportunities for specialist certification, ESL endorsement, and/or a Certificate of Advanced Study in Literacy.

After completing ETEP, TEAMS, or CLASS with initial teacher certification, a student can complete the 18 (elementary) to 21 (middle/secondary) credits required for the master’s degree in approximately one and a half years. Certification as a literacy specialist requires twelve additional credits beyond the degree, and endorsement in English as a Second Language (ESL) requires 9 additional credits beyond the degree.

Other Options  Students completing the certification year of ETEP also have the option of applying to one of these other master’s degree programs in the School: educational leadership and literacy education (including ESL). Students must meet all admission requirements specific to the desired program and are required to complete degree requirements by a deadline determined by program faculty. Certain courses completed during the certification year of ETEP may be accepted as credit toward completion of requirements for these degrees. In all cases, completion of these programs will require a greater number of credits than the programs in teaching and learning or applied literacy.