Department of Theatre

The Mask Acting Intensive Performance of "The Guest House" at Russell Hall

The Guest House, Mask Acting Intensive at USM

The USM Department of Theatre presents students from the Mask Acting Intensive performing THE GUEST HOUSE on May 4, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. on the Main Stage at Russell Hall on USM’s Gorham Campus.

THE GUEST HOUSE is a series of interconnected vignettes performed in character mask, representing the culmination of the students’ semester-long exploration.  By turns haunting, humorous and poignant, these silent scenarios illustrate the transformative power of mask, as the performers conjure and craft virtuosic physical expression to embody a vast range of indelible characters.

The performance is free and open to the public. Everyone is welcome! The Mask Intensive and THE GUEST HOUSE performance was made possible with a grant from the Warren Memorial Foundation, and is instructed and directed by Warren Memorial Visiting Artist-in-Residence Dana Wieluns Legawiec.

“The purpose of training in mask is to develop an increased awareness and control over one’s own instrument—physicality, use of breath, gesture, energy,” explained Legawiec. “Masks endow the wearer with the power of playwright, director, designer and performer all at once. Audiences will be astounded and intrigued by these glimpses into the lives of indelible, unusual, sublime, often funny and deeply moving characters.”

“A lot of us are really pushing our bodies to the max to tell these stories, and that isn't normally done in straight plays,” elaborated student Hollie Pryor. “In saying that, the teachings of this class have carried over in my work with straight plays, and I'm able to more easily act with my entire body rather than just my face and my voice,” she continued. Fellow student, Austin Phillips, believes the show will be a valuable experience for audience members.

“Not only does the show provide its audience with great entertainment, it also ideas on characterization, space, movement, and physicality you wouldn't normally be exposed to,” Phillips explained. “You'll laugh, you'll cry, you might even get 'bit by the bug' and want to explore this wonderful art yourself!”


Those needing special accommodations to participate fully in these programs, contact Lori Arsenault, (207) 780-5142, Hearing impaired: call USM's telex / TDD number (207) 780-5646.