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Dance USM! December 4-7, 2014
“Dance USM!” will include hip hop, jazz, tap, contemporary dance, musical theatre, a dance-performance hybrid, and an aerial dance piece. Faculty and adjunct choreographers include Tzianabos, Vanessa Beyland, Janette Hough-Fertig, and Shannon Zura.
Bus Stop
“Each character is striving to form a relationship of some kind -- whether for romance and love or for simple companionship. The show delves into the complexities of those relationships and into the social, political and religious views that influence them.” - Thomas Power, director
Owen Carten and Hannah Perry
The story they said couldn’t be told is about to shatter the airwaves -- again!
The Well of Horniness, September 25-28
Meghan Brodie will direct an Actors’ Lab staged reading of Hughes’ 1983 play that borrows from the title of Radclyffe Hall’s controversial 1928 novel, “The Well of Loneliness.” Hughes’ take on the modern lesbian, however, could not be more different than Hall’s. This is the naughty side of noir.
USM Theatre
The USM Theatre season is replete with skirt-chasing dames, lonely love-torn souls, original dance, a production at the Portland Stage Studio Theater featuring a satirical southern belle and her hypochondriac son, followed by a pistol-packing nun, and the Maine premiere of the sensational new musical, Catch Me If You Can, as well as one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies “shadowed” by American Sign Language interpreter-performers.
USM In the Underworld
Recognizing the importance of the English-language world premiere of “In the Underworld,” written by a French woman while she was imprisoned in a German concentration camp, a number of Holocaust, cultural and academic organizations are sponsoring the musical production, as well as presenting programs discussing its significance.
In the Underworld USM Theatre
While imprisoned in Ravenbrück concentration camp for women in World War II Germany, Germaine Tillion, a French ethnologist and Resistance fighter, secretly wrote an operetta script that turned her own experiences into a powerful testament to the triumph of humanity.
The cast of The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Charles Dickens died before he could finish his extraordinary murder novel, and that is only the beginning of the mystery. Both sinister and hilarious, this Tony Award-winning picks up where Dickens left off.
Cast of In the Underworld
USM will present the English-language world premiere of “In the Underworld,” which debuted in France in 2007. The USM Department of Theatre commissioned this English-language translation from Annie and Karl Bortnick.
Cast of Doubt
“Doubt” won a 2005 Pulitzer Prize for Drama and 2005 Tony Award for Best Play.


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Dance USM!

Dance USM!

Directed by Maria A. Tzianabos

"a wonderfully rich sensory experience" - Jessica Lockhart, Talking About Dance

Dance USM! was December 4-7, 2014

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