Title III Grant

High Impact Educational Practices

This area of USM’s Title III grant is overseen by Assistant Provost Susan McWilliams, with the assistance of Professor Dan Panici (Communication and Media Studies), faculty fellow for high impact practices.

High impact educational experiences are associated with a higher degree of student engagement and higher rates of student success, including improved persistence and more timely graduation.  Each semester we award mini-grants  to support faculty adoption of high impact practices in their courses and other teaching/learning activities.

For summer and fall 2016, we will be awarding a total of $10,000 in individual mini-grants, with a maximum individual grant of $1000.  Funds are available to support a variety of activities.  Please complete and submit your application by May 31 2016.

In addition, for fall 2016, we are also offering academic programs the opportunity to apply for larger high impact practices grants to support the adoption or expansion of high impact practices across their programs, rather than in a single course.  High Impact Practice Program Grants will be awarded in the amount of $5000 to a total of five programs.  Interested programs should submit their applications by May 31 2016.

High impact educational practices take a variety of forms. In general, they involve active, experiential, reflective, and focused teaching and learning. Such experiences include service- and community-based learning, experiential and problem-based learning, learning communities, undergraduate research, collaborative learning, etc. 

See the Association of American Colleges and Universities for more information on how high impact educational practices transform student learning and faculty teaching.

Sample proposals

Past mini-grant recipients include:

Julie Alexandrin, SEHD, Deb Como-Kepler, Behavioral Sciences, support for guest instructors, guides and translators for study abroad course focused on Chinese orphanages and educational settings.

Jeanne Gottlieb, Nursing, Visual Thinking workshop facilitation

Cheryl Laz, Sociology: transportation and admission fees for off-campus learning at Common Ground Fair

Tracy Michaud Stutzman: Tourism and Hospitality: Husky Harvest supplies and honoraria

Brian Toy, Exercise Health and Sports Science, honoraria and other costs for student organized conference

Ivan Most, Engineering, facilities service learning project in public schools

Assunta Kent, ASL-Shadowed Shakespeare

Lin Lin, Hydropower demonstration in EYE course; student assistance in course project development

Francesca Vassallo, student travel to Museum of Mathematics, NY

Lynn Kuzma, Model United Nations

Dennis Gilbert, Media Studies, service learning project/transportation

Michele Kaschub, Music, Student participation in NAME Eastern Division Conference

Mark Swanson, Geosciences,  Student research at Schoodic Point

Tracy Michaud-Stutzman, Husky Harvest

Carl Blue, Technology, 3D scanner for student projects and presentations

Jeannine Uzzi, Classics, , student teaching in area high schools and adult education centers

Mary Anne Peabody, Social and Behavioral Sciences, LEGO Serious Play kits for experiential learning

Steve Romanoff, Russell Scholars, student travel to Peaks Island for community learning experience

Sharon Timberlake, Leadership Studies, graduate assistant for On-Line Service Learning design

Stephanie Strong, Rebecca Nisetich, and Nancy Artz, Honors, Peer Mentoring program

Linda Pffafinger, Criminology, supplies for painting domestic violence shelter

Francesca Vassallo, Political Science, Scottish Vote day event

Luci Benedict, Chemistry, PKAL summer leadership institute for course design and assessment