Tourism and Hospitality

Registering for Courses

How to ApplyRegistration for Spring 2014 is underway! Students enrolled in the TAH major or minor should schedule a meeting with their program advisor to make sure they are choosing the best courses for their individual program.

SEVEN New TAH Courses for Spring 2014!

Seven new TAH courses are being offered for the spring 2014 semester, including three by new instructors to USM. These courses cover subjects ranging from tourism research and development to promoting conferences and planning tour groups and packages. Courses also examine the relationships between tourism and biodiversity, archaeology and cultural heritage, and the relations between tourists and host communities. There is even an exciting new travel course to Mexico planned for Winter (February) break! Information on all of these courses may be found below.

TAH 299   Topics: Tourism, Wildlife and Biodiversity

Instructor: Dr. H. Bruce Rinker, Biodiversity Research Institute, Gorham

Description: This course explores links between global tourism and biodiversity, including threats to nature when tourism is done improperly and the potential role of tourism in conservation. Focusing on biodiversity hot spots in the Americas, Africa, Asia, and the poles, we will consider how activities such as wildlife viewing, forest canopy tours, adventure travel, photography, and outdoor recreation can promote conservation, scientific research, education, and public awareness of biodiversity and related issues. We will also consider tourism’s impacts on indigenous peoples and the role it can play in local economic development.

TAH 299   Topics: Tourism Research Methods

Instructor: Dr. Kreg Ettenger, USM

Description: Students learn to conduct tourism-related research using a variety of methods from anthropology and related fields, including interviewing, observation, and surveys. The course also explores issues of research ethics, such as working with human populations and protecting sensitive data. Students will work individually or in teams on one or more projects related to tourism planning, development or evaluation.

TAH 399   Tour Group Planning and Management

Instructor: Dr. Tracy Michaud-Stutzman, USM

Description: This course builds skills in the creation, planning, and oversight of travel packages and tours. Students will investigate various types of travel packages and how tour companies, travelers, host communities, and indigenous cultures intersect in the travel and tour planning and management process. Students will apply their knowledge and skills to the creation of New England-based travel packages and tours.

TAH 410   Topics in Tourism Promotion: Meeting and Event Promotion

Instructor: Kim Monaghan-Derrig, Event Marketer and Maine State Legislator

Description: This course will provide the understanding and tools necessary for event promotion, focusing on mid-to-large group meetings and conferences. Students will examine market identification, financial resources, business planning, risk and legal analysis, accounting, and pre- and post-event operations. A specific focus will be the application of strategic market thinking to promoting meetings and conferences. Students may have the opportunity to attend a meeting or conference taking place in the Greater Portland area. Prerequisite: TAH 211 or 311, or permission of instructor.

TAH 460   Topics in Cultural Tourism: Ethnographies of Travel

Instructor: Dr. Kreg Ettenger, USM

Description: This course explores the encounters that occur between tourists and host communities around the world, using ethnographic texts and films. Concepts like the tourist gaze, host-guest relations, authenticity, commodification, and performing tourism are considered as we examine diverse tourism settings including Israeli backpacker enclaves in India, red light districts in Thailand, crowded squares in Venice, Amish Country in Pennsylvania, and river cruises in China, among others. Prerequisites: Any ANT or TAH course, or perm. of instructor.

TAH 460   Topics in Cultural Tourism: Archaeology and Heritage Tourism

Instructor: Dr. Tracy Michaud-Stutzman, USM

Description: This class explores archaeology, history/heritage interpretation, and public indigenous cultural experiences from a tourism perspective. The class will focus on the experience of and issues with archaeology sites, museums, cultural centers, interpretive displays and traditional craft/art, as part of tours and tourist itineraries. There will be a strong focus on Native Americans and their engagement with the tourism trade.

New Capstone Courses

In addition to these new classroom courses, two new capstones are being offered this year. These are available to TAH students who have selected concentrations and are ready to complete a major project or professional experience as part of their training. Also offered will be TAH 408, Tourism & Hospitality Practicum, and TAH 409, Internship in Tourism & Hospitality. The descriptions for the new field experience and independent research capstones are below.

TAH 406   Research in Tourism & Hospitality

Students will conduct independent research guided by a faculty supervisor on an approved subject related to tourism or hospitality. Research may include literature reviews and qualitative or quantitative methods as determined in collaboration with the supervisor, and possibly with external clients or collaborators. Students must propose a research topic prior to the semester in which the research is to take place, and with enough time to allow the supervisor to approve or amend the pro-posed research subject. This course may serve as the student’s capstone experience if approved as such by the faculty advisor and program chair. Prerequisites: TAH major; permission of faculty supervisor.

TAH 407   Field Study in Tourism & Hospitality

This course involves travel to one or more sites outside of Maine and combines tourism activities with research, active learning, and community engagement. Actual courses will vary from year to year and may be taught by USM faculty, outside instructors, or a combination. Courses may focus on ecotourism, community development, cultural tourism, sustainable tourism, volunteer tourism, or other areas. Students may also attend an external field course they have identified and which their TAH advisor agrees meets the goals of this course. They would then obtain program approval to register for this course and will receive credit upon completion of agreed upon assignments. Prerequisites: TAH major; permission of faculty advisor.

Travel to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula in February!

For Spring 2014, a field study course to Mexico is being offered through USM's Office of International Programs (OIP). This course will be co-taught by Dr. Kreg Ettenger of USM, Dr. Bruce Rinker of the Biodiversity Research Institute, and Manolo Ruiz of Mexican environmental organization Sustenta. For more information, see the course website at USM's OIP.


Advising Information: Spring 2014 Courses by BA in TAH Requirement

In addition to these TAH courses, nine other courses from six other departments and programs at USM will meet various requirements of the BA in Tourism & Hospitality. Scroll down to see all TAH and non-TAH course offerings by major requirement. Descriptions of courses from other departments can be found on USM's Class Search page.

 1. TAH and non-TAH Courses by Requirement and Concentration

Students can take courses in any of the six concentrations in the major. We highly recommend taking concentration introductory classes before or concurrently with concentration electives. Concentration intro courses are offered every two or three semesters, while electives are not taught on a regular schedule. Capstone courses are available in both Spring and Summer.


Concentration A. Tourism Products & Promotion

TAH 211   Tourism Product Development TR 12:30-1:45; 207 Bailey, G Required for conc.

TAH 410   Meeting and Event Promotion M 4:10-6:40; 44 Payson Smith, P

BUS 260   Marketing Portland [multiple sections]

BUS 364   Professional Selling T 5:35-8:05; 326 Luther Bonney, P


Concentration B. Managing in Tourism and Hospitality

TAH 399   Tour Group Planning & Management T 3:30-6:00; 313 Bailey, G

ACC 110   Financial Acct Info for Decision Making Portland & online [multiple sections]

BUS 200   Introduction to Business MW 4:10-5:25; 326 Luther Bonney, P

BUS 340   Managing Organization Behavior Portland & online [multiple sections]


Concentration C. Sustainable Tourism and Hospitality

TAH 299   Tourism, Wildlife & Biodiversity TR 2:00-3:15; 321 Bailey, G

TAH 407   Tour, Marine Poll & Sust Dev in Mexico Meetings TBA; travel 2/14-22

ESP 275   Energy Use & Societal Adaptation Online

ESP 308   Global Env. Problems & Sustainability T 1:00-3:30; 233 JMC, G


Concentration D. Tourism Development and Planning 

TAH 211   Tourism Product Development TR 12:30-1:45; 207 Bailey, G

TAH 299   Tourism Research Methods TR 11:00-12:15, 404 Bailey, G

TAH 399   Tour Group Planning & Management T 3:30-6:00; 313 Bailey, G


Concentration E. Nature-Based Tourism & Ecotourism

TAH 299   Tourism, Wildlife & Biodiversity TR 2:00-3:15; 321 Bailey, G

ESP 203   Environmental Communication TR 11:00-12:15; 233 JMC, G 

REC 218   Wilderness Emergency Rescue F 4:10-6:40; 8G Masterton, P


Concentration F. Cultural, Arts & Heritage Tourism

TAH 299   Tourism Research Methods TR 11:00-12:15, 404 Bailey, G

TAH 460   Sec 1: Ethnography of Travel W 2:00-4:30, 321 Bailey, G

TAH 460   Sec 2: Archaeology & Heritage Tourism TR 9:30-10:45, 319 Bailey, G


Capstones [instructor and program permission required for all capstones]

TAH 406   Research in Tourism & Hospitality Meetings arranged with instructor

TAH 407   Field Study in Tourism & Hospitality Meetings TBA; travel to Mexico 2/14-22

[Tourism, Marine Pollution & Sustainable Development in Mexico]

TAH 408   Practicum in Tourism & Hospitality Meetings arranged with instructor

TAH 409   Tourism & Hospitality Internship Meetings arranged with instructor