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Are you interested in wellness?  Would you like to participate in a University of Southern Maine (USM) research study aimed at helping USM students manage health-related habits?  Read on...

A faculty-lead team of researchers here at USM is working on developing a technology-based health promotion intervention for students.  In the early stages of the project, we are developing a website which will offer students the chance to make healthy choices in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and life balance.  The project is calle Eat.Move.Live.

The research project aims to determine how we can best help to promote those healthy choices among students.  To do this, we will ask students who participate in the study to try out the website and use a variety of tools that offer education, tips, health tracking and social engagement opportunities.

We have completed the first phase of the study.  For fall, 2014, we will be recruiting 50 students to try out our new and improved website.  If you are interested in participating in this study, please enter your contact infomation here:  Someone will contact you soon to tell you more about the study and answer any questions you may have.

Meet the researchers

Principal Investigator:

Carol Fackler DNSc, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing.  Carol is interested in population health, chronic health conditions, and information technology.  She has experience in qualitative research and teaches in the School of Nursing.

Co-Principal Investigator:

Nancy Baugh PHD, MS, APN, RN, Assistant Professor of Nursing.  Nancy brings expertise with the issue of obesity and lifestyle-related interventions and outcomes.  She teaches in the School of Nursing.

Other Personnel:

Janet Whatley Blum Sc.D., Associate Professor and Department Chair.  Janet brings experience in research in the areas of nutrition, physical activity and obesity as well as an interest in promoting population health.  She teaches in the Department off Exercise, Health and Sports Sciences.

Ann Conley, MSN, APRN-BC, Family Nurse Practitioner.  Ann is an experienced primary care provider with an interest in wellness and eating disorders.  She works at University Health and Counseling on the Gorham Campus.

Carol Nemeroff, Ph.D. Professor of Social and Behavioral Science.  Carol has expertise in health psychology and behavior modification as well as extensive  research experience.  She teaches on the LAC campus.