University Health and Counseling Services

PPE Instructions For Student Athletes


Follow each of the three (3) steps below to fulfill all medical eligibility requirements for participation in intercollegiate athletics at University of Southern Maine. DO NOT SKIP ANY STEPS

Step #1. Click to open this link Medical Eligibility Requirements for Intercollegiate Athletic Participation at USM and read carefully! DO NOT SKIP OVER THIS STEP!!                                            

 Step #2. Student-athletes must complete the web based  Profile electronic health history questionnaire and required smart forms. This questionnaire and accompanying forms must be completed and uploaded to your account prior to receiving a Pre-Participation Physical Evaluation (PPE) at University Health and Counseling Services (UHCS) and prior to being eligible for intercollegiate athletic participation at the University of Southern Maine (USM). 

***Tip: Many first time users of Privit Profile sit down with their Parent or Guardian to complete the Privit Profile.  After all, your parents generally have comprehensive health information at their fingertips or can easily access Immunization records, insurance information, and your health history.***

Step #3. All student-athletes must complete a pre-participation physical evaluation (PPE) annually at the University Health and Counseling Services in 125 Upton Hall on the Gorham Campus of USM. A VALID HEALTH INSURANCE CARD IS REQUIRED AT THE TIME OF YOUR APPOINTMENT.  IF YOU ARE UNABLE TO PRESENT YOUR CARD YOU WILL BE UNABLE TO OBTAIN YOUR PRE-PARTICIPATION PHYSICAL AND IT WILL BE SCHEDULED FOR ANOTHER TIME.


TEAM                                                     DATE                                                      TIME

W. Soccer                                             Thursday, August 18                                8:00 am

Field Hockey                                         Thursday, August 18                                8:45 am

W. Volleyball                                         Thursday, August 18                                9:30 am

M. Soccer                                             Thursday, August 18                                10:15 am

Golf & W. Tennis                                   Thursday, August 18                                10:45 am


TEAM                                                    DATE                                                       TIME

M. Cross Country                                  Monday, August 22                                  8:00 am

W. Cross Country                                  Monday, August 22                                  8:30 am


TEAM                                                    DATE                                                        TIME

Baseball                                              Friday, September 9                                8:00 am

Softball                                                Friday, September 9                                8:45 am

M. Lacrosse                                         Friday, September 9                                9:30 am

W. Lacrosse & M. Tennis                     Friday, September 9                               10:15 am

M. Ice Hockey                                      Friday, September 9                              11:00 am

M. Track & Field                                   Friday, September 9                              11:45 pm

W. Ice Hockey                                      Friday, September 9                              12:15 am

W. Track & Field                                   Friday, September 9                                1:00 pm

Wrestling                                              Friday, September 9                               12:30 pm

W. Basketball                                       Friday, September 9                                 1:00 pm

M. Basketball                                       Friday, September 9                                 1:30 pm


Be aware that the check-in process will go smoothly and efficiently if all of your required documents have been completed in advance of the PPE date on Privit Profile.  If all documentation is not completed in advance of the PPE date you will have to contact Health Services at a later date to be rescheduled for an individual PPE appointment.  This process will most certainly delay your participation clearance status for your chosen sport.  For complete instructions regarding medical eligibility requirements and procedures for intercollegiate sport participation at USM please click on this link:

 Athletic Training Students will be assisting with some aspects of the PPE under strict medical confidentiality. Their role is primarily for learning and applying proficiency skills as part of the educational requirements in the Athletic Training major.  Any concerns regarding this procedure should be addressed to Lisa Belanger, Clinical Director of Health Services or Matt Gerken, Head Athletic Trainer.  

Any questions regarding the above information may be directed to the UHCS at or the Head Athletic Trainer, Matt Gerken, at


 INSTRUCTIONS for PPE Appointment:

Bring your health insurance card with YOUR name on it.  We will need access to information on BOTH sides of the card.  A photocopy of the front of the card will not suffice. 

• Athletes under age 18 must have a Minor Consent Form signed by a parent or guardian prior to the PPE

• Student-athletes should arrive dressed in T-shirt and gym shorts for the PPE appointment

• All student-athlete candidates should report for check-in 15 minutes prior to their scheduled PPE appointment.  Missing the scheduled appointment may jeopardize eligibility for sports participation as there are limited opportunities for rescheduling PPE appointments.  Students may be charged for missed appointments.

If all documentation is not completed in advance of the PPE date you will NOT be given your exam and will have to contact Health Services to be rescheduled.  This process will most certainly delay your participation clearance status for your chosen sport. 

                                   Completing your web based  Profile

Before beginning your Privit Profile gather the following information:

  Profile™ is completed in 3 simple steps!!

 1.      Register an account 

 2.      Complete all relevant information for each section

 3.      Apply electronic signatures to each section

 Consult the schedule for PPE clinic dates and associated deadlines for each.

 If you need assistance with  Profile™, please contact the Help Center at 844-234-4357 or visit

Instructions on Getting Started:

1. Register an Account (FIRST year athletes ONLY):
***Returning athletes can use their previous login and password***

 Register an account in your name and complete the appropriate information. 

  • From the landing page, click Register. Register as an athlete. If you are <18 years of age you will be prompted to add a parent/guardian at that time.
  • Please register with your name, your email address, and create a password of your choice. When you are finished, click Sign Up.
  • Next, you will be taken to the HOME page.

 2. Complete All Relevant Information:

Complete the Personal Details by clicking the Start button to the right of the Personal Details section.

  1. Once the Personal Details section has been completed to 100%, the e-PPE Questionnaire will become available for you to complete.
  2. Complete the e-PPE Questionnaire by clicking the Start button to the right of the e-PPE Questionnaire section.
  3. After completing the above sections, continue to the Additional Information section, review and complete the information and click Submit
  4. Additional required smart forms will then appear on your Home page for completion and electronic signature. (Below are instructions for applying e-signatures)
  5. You MUST join a team in the Join Teams section in order to appear on the team roster. To join a team, click Update next to Join Teams, and check the box next to the correct team(s).

You cannot skip #5 above as you must join team(s) for the appropriate USM staff to see your signed forms.

3. Apply Electronic Signature:

  1. When you have finished completing/reading each appropriate section, click Submit button that appears at the bottom of each section page.
  2. A message will appear if you want to review or sign the document. Click the blue Sign button and you will be taken to a page to create an electronic signature. Select the blue Create New Signature tab.
  3. With your curser on a computer or with your finger from a tablet/mobile device, create your signature or initials then click the blue Save tab. You will see your signature displayed. Select the grey Done tab underneath. Once complete, you will then be on your account management page. Select Home near the top left of the screen.

Once you have created an e-signature, you will not be required to repeat this process. You will be able to apply this e-signature anywhere an e-signature is required.

NOW you are ready to build your   Profileby clicking the image below:



If you have any questions about medical eligibility please direct inquiries to Matt Gerken at