LCC at a Glance

LAC Common Core Diagram


Learning Foundational Skills

  • LCC 110: College Writing
  • LCC 123 or 345: College and Community I (for students with fewer than 24 credits) or College and Community II (for transfer students with more than 24 credits)
  • LCC 150: Statistics for Informed Decision Making

Examining Multiple Perspectives

  • LCC 130 or 230: The Biology of Human Health w/ Lab or Environmental Science, Policy, & Sustainability w/Lab
  • LCC 200:  Creative Critical Inquiry into Modern Life
  • LCC 220 or 320:  U.S. Democracy:  Origins & Development or Sustaining Democracy
  • LCC 250: Thinking about the Arts, Thinking Through the Arts                              

Understanding Diverse Experiences and Contexts


  • SBS 345: Diversity: Many Voices; additional courses to be designated in 2014-2015 USM catalog


  • Waived for Academic Year 2013-2014; courses to be designated in 2014-2015 catalog

Integrating the Liberal Arts with Professional Preparation

LCC 480: Senior Seminar