Lewiston Common Core Themes

At a moment of increasing global interconnectedness, LAC faculty invite our students to join us in exploring four critical challenges in our contemporary world:

  •  Justice:  How do we live and make decisions with a sense of fairness and compassion?
  • Sustainability:  At a time of increasing demand for limited resources, what must we know, and how must we live in order to sustain the earth, our communities, and our common future?
  • Democracy: how do we keep the inclusive spirit of democracy alive in our world, in ourselves and in the ways we work with one another?
  • Difference:  how can we learn from and work with the differences among us for the benefit of all?

Drawing on Lewiston-Auburn College’s unique interdisciplinary curriculum, the Lewiston Common Core includes a set of unique courses and provocative learning experiences intended a) to strengthen students’ knowledge and skills; b) to enable them to advance in their careers; and c) to function effectively in their work lives, as community members and as citizens of the world.