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Marathon bombing hero thanks Marine, Maine student for honoring son

carlos arredondo

"The man known as the "Cowboy Hat Hero" from the Boston Marathon is saying thank you to a former Marine and current University of Southern Maine student.

Carlos Arredondo jumped the barrier to help save lives last year when the bombs went off at the Boston Marathon...

This year, Arredondo will be at the Boston Marathon to cheer on Brandon Sodergren.

Sodergren served in the Marines for six years and did two tours of duty. He is also a student at the University of Southern Maine.

He'll be running on behalf of Alexander Arredondo at the race, his fourth marathon.

"We're going to be at the finish line. We are very proud of what he's doing in memory of my son, and we're looking forward to cheering his amazing heart," Arredondo said."

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To contribute to Brandon's Memorial Fund for Lcpl Alex Arredondo, head over here.