Content Migration

Information about migrating content to the new Web Content Management System

Web Content Management System Update -- April 19, 2011

Group training sessions regarding the Web Content Management System (Web CMS) conversion, are underway. The 90-minute sessions introduce you to the look and feel of the Web CMS and provide information about how you will be able to login and input your content data. These are hands-on workshops where you will migrate some of your content. You will leave with the tools and knowledge to get your site ready-to-launch when the launch comes.

Web Content Management System Update -- April 11, 2011

As we continue the USM Web site redesign and content management system (Web CMS) conversion, we begin the coordination of early adopter training sessions. These sessions will include one-on-one, hands-on trainings to introduce the look and feel of the Web CMS. 

Last week, a few early adopters received the first set of trainings, they were:

  • College of Science, Technology, and Health
  • Department of Linguistics
  • Finance and Administration
  • Facilities Management


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