Healthy USM

It's that time of year again...time to Move & Improve!

Move & Improve, is an online physical activity program that helps you to set and keep track of your minutes of activities you choose. You set your goal to the level of acitivity that you want to achieve during a minimum of 8-12 weeks.

Click here to get started. If you participated last year, enter login information. (Don't worry, there is a button to click if you forgot!) If you are new to the program, welcome! Click the "register" button instead of "login" button.

IMPORTANT: When you register, select "University of Southern Maine" as your site. This will let you be part of our Move & Improve team on campus.

Register before March 28th deadline. USM's official start date is March 2nd. Sign up and Healthy USM will send you (USM Employee) a free step pedometer with safety leach.

Healthy USM Survey

Healthy USM is on a fact finding mission and we need your help! Please take a quick survey to provide your feedback about our USM fitness centers. Complete the survey and you could be a raffle prize winner. Learn more here.

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