Healthy USM

Wellness Programs and Services

Healthy USM offers a variety of wellness programs and services:

Health Awareness and Improvement

  •  Health Education Classes and Materials
  •  Personal Health Assessments
  • Motivational Coaching
  • Incentive Reward Programs
  • Health Information Website

Health Advocacy

  • Employee Wellness Ambassador Teams
  • Intercampus Wellness Committees
  • Health and Environmental Policies
  • University of Maine System Health Improvement Committee
  • University of Maine Center of Expertise


Welcome Our New Health Coach- Lacey Bouchard!

Welcome Lacey Bouchard! Lacey will be Health Coach for the Southern region Campuses: USM, Augusta and Farmington.

To schedule an appointment call:
1-855-2RISEUP (1-855-274-7387)

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