Women and Gender Studies Program

Call for Papers: "WGS" in the Curriculum and the Community

Maine Women's Studies Consortium

The Maine Women's and Gender Studies Consortium invites session and individual presentation proposals for a mini-conference: Naming & Serving: "WGS" in the Curriculum and the Community

The "Naming and Serving" mini-conference will take place on March 8, 2014 from 9 to 4 on the Augusta campus of UMA and will include the spring business meeting of the Maine Women's and Gender Studies Consortium in the morning, as well as time for students across our campuses to meet and exchange ideas. This conference is free and open to the public and a light lunch will be provided; donations will be accepted and pre-registration is appreciated. Social media connections will complement the live conference. Start the conversations now!

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Please register for the conference by March 1 via WIC's Facebook page/event or email. Any questions? Please contact Sarah Hentges at sarah.hentges@maine.edu.

This mini-conference will feature a limited number of sessions while maximizing opportunities to share our work. Thus, we suggest pre-conference collaboration on our campuses to develop ideas for workshops, panels, or roundtables. Also, WIC hopes to encourage the participation of undergraduate and graduate students, community organizers and activists, and junior faculty in Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies as well as related areas. Students with papers or thesis projects in progress are encouraged to submit a proposal.

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Women's Studies in Maine is in transition as names shift, demands increase, and funds dwindle. As we imagine new curricular directions, connections between service to students and service to our communities are more important than ever. "Naming & Serving" offers an opportunity for students, faculty, staff, and community members to reflect on the state of WGS in Maine today, and to share the important scholarly and activist work that connects us to progressive education in our state, nation, and world.

The "Naming & Serving" conference will take place on the Augusta campus of the University of Maine at Augusta on International Women's Day, Saturday, March 8, 2014.

We invite proposals for individual papers, as well as roundtables, posters, panels, and performances, that speak to the general theme of the conference and one of the sub-themes:

Women’s Studies in the 21st Century: The Major

How has the canon of Women Studies changed as we move into Women’s and Gender Studies, or Women’s, Gender, and Sexualities Studies? What is lost, and what is gained? Is there a new canon? What do students want?

Women’s Studies, Science, and Maine

Several campuses are invested in initiatives to bring more women into the sciences. We are also exploring issues like bioethics, reproductive rights, and food justice. What is the role of Women’s Studies in these efforts? What should it be?

Women's Studies Legacies in Maine: Then, Now, and in the Future:

Where have we been and where are we going? Many women in Maine have been foundational to the establishment of programs and the support of community organizations devoted to women. What work have they done and how is their legacy alive today? What work is still important to WGS in Maine? What can we share with new faculty and a new generation of WGS students?

Women's Centers and Campus Spaces:

What spaces are available on our campuses? What spaces aren't? What challenges do we face in the maintenance, funding, and sharing of these spaces? What kind of support is needed to create and maintain such spaces? How can we connect with our communities in and through these spaces?

Student Activism and Civic Engagement in and through WGS:

What forms of activism are important to WGS curriculum and communities? What projects are students doing as a part of their WGS classes? What work are they doing outside of their classes? How are we connecting with and serving our communities?

The Function of Scholarship in Community-Building: How do individual research projects serve the mission of women’s studies programs?  How do we articulate these relationships to administrators who are often looking to partner with local businesses? Do such partnerships require that Women’s Studies abandon its critical edge? How can we build critical communities through scholarship?

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The Maine Women's and Gender Studies Consortium conference is being organized and hosted by UMA's Women Invigorating Curriculum (WIC) committee. Proposals should be sent to WIC via email at womeninvigoratingthecurriculum@gmail.com by February 8. Notification of acceptance can be expected by Feb. 22.

Proposals should include a brief description of the project being proposed as well as an explanation of how this submission speaks to the theme of "Naming and Serving: 'WGS' in the Curriculum and the Community." Please include the names and contact information for all presenters. Please also include the type of proposal being submitted (workshop, roundtable, panel, performance, individual paper) and any questions, tech needs, etc.