Women and Gender Studies Program

Lucinda Cole Ph.D.

Associate Professor of English
Lucinda Cole Ph.D.


94 Bedford Street, Portland Campus

Contact Information

Phone: (207) 780-4093 / (207) 780-4955

Having completed her PhD at Louisiana State University, Lucinda Cole came to USM's Department of English in 1989. Her original field of study--feminist theory and early modern literature--has expanded over the years to include feminist ecological criticism, the history of science, and the interdisciplinary work variously identified as "Animal Studies," or "Human-Animal Studies." She serves on the board of Configurations--the official journal for the Society for Literature, Sciences, and the Arts--and on the board of Maine Friends of Animals, Maine's largest animal protection organization.

Professor Cole has developed several new courses for the program, including "Sex, Gender, Species, and Science Fiction" and "Green Women," a course about the relationships among feminism, ecology, animal welfare, and other social justice movements.

Research Interests

Within the program, Lucinda teaches feminist theories, earlier women writers, and a new course on species, sex, gender, and science fiction.

Recent Publications

Imperfect Creatures: Vermin, Literature, and the Sciences of Life, 1550-1730. University of Michigan Press. Forthcoming.

“Guns, Ivory, and Elephant Graveyards.”  Joint Tenant of the Shade: Environmentalism and Animal Welfare in the Long Eighteenth Century. (Oxford Studies in the Enlightenment). Ed. Katherine Quinsey. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Forthcoming.

“Animal Studies: The Nature of the Beast.” Article for Literature Compass. Published by Wiley-Blackell, UK. Forthcoming January 2015.

“The Raw, the Cooked, and the Scavenged: Beasts of the Southern Wild.”  Journal for Critical Animal Studies.  Forthcoming October 2014.

“Human, Animal, and Machine in the Seventeenth Century.” Co-authored with Robert Markley. Blackwell Companion to British Literature. Eds. Robert DeMaria, Jr., Heesok Chang, and Samantha Zacher. Oxford: Blackwell, 2014.

“Speciesism, Identity Politics, and Ecocriticism: A Conversation With Humanists and Posthumanists.” Interview with Bruce Boehrer, Richard Nash, Donna Landry, Erica Fudge, and Robert Markley, with response by Cary Wolfe.  In The Eighteenth-Century: Theory and Interpretation 52:1 (2011), 87-106.

Animal, All Too Animal. Introduction by Lucinda Cole. A special issue of The Eighteenth-Century: Theory and Interpretation 52:1 (Spring 2011).

“Of Mice and Moisture: Rats, Witches, Miasma, and Early Modern Theories of Contagion.” Journal for Early Modern Cultural Studies 10: 2 (2010), 65-84.

“Scientific Revolution II: From Newton to Laplace.” The Routledge Companion to Literature and Science. Eds. Bruce Clarke and Manuela Rossini. London: Routledge 2011: 449-461.