Women and Gender Studies Program

March 2013 WGS Alumni Updates

Kt Crossman (BA in Women’s Studies 2009)                                      

After spending two years with the Young Adult Abuse Prevention Program of Family Crisis Services, kt was accepted to Northeastern University School of Law.  They are currently in their second year, and think they will focus either on juvenile defense or international development, possibly both.  Last summer they completed an internship with the Restorative Justice Project of the Midcoast Maine, working with youth in the criminal system.  Currently, they are wrapping up an internship with the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty in Washington, DC.  As ever, kt's WGS degree informs their understanding of privilege and the politics of the legal system.  They are still digging being a radical queer aunt to a nephew who has recently, at 18 months, indicated a desire to pierce his ears.

Nancy A. Foss (BA in Women's Studies 1987)

26 years later, Nancy is still doing reproductive justice advocacy work! She works with national organizations and local allies from her home office. Volunteer time is spent at the Portland Museum of Art, where on March 30th, to recognize and celebrate International Women's Day, Nancy will be presenting a gallery talk "Women's Art and the Art of Activism". Nancy would love to see WGS folks at the PMA at 2PM that afternoon! [Museum entry is free for USM students with a student ID card]

Jennifer Mathews (BA in Women’s Studies 1992) 

Jennifer finally made the leap into education this past year and is thrilled to be working in admissions recruitment for Coastal Studies for Girls - a Science and Leadership Semester School for 10th grade girls located at Wolfe's Neck Farm in Freeport, Me.  Jennifer gets to travel throughout Maine and around the country meeting girls, parents and educators and talking about girl's education, girls in STEM disciplines, women in environmental & marine science, women in leadership and gender issues affecting teen girls. Another cool aspect of her job is working in a feminist work- place. Jennifer has two daughters 12 and 15 who roll their eyes when she talks to them about media literacy, but who understand gender dynamics better than she did back in '90 WST 101.

Emily Paine (BA in Women and Gender Studies & Sociology 2011)

After graduating, Emily took a month to drive across the country with fellow WGS major graduate, Victoria Randall. After returning to Maine, she lived in Portland and worked at a local coffee shop while working on applications to Sociology PhD programs. Last week, she received her first offer from a great program, offering 5 years of funding! While awaiting news from other programs, she is currently embarking on a southern tour with her friend's band, Hurray for the Riff Raff. She believes her WGS education to be at the heart of her success, and implores everyone to take advantage of the excellent faculty and curriculum of the WGS department at USM.

Lafeesa Tarrence (BA in Communication, Business Administration & WGS Minor 2012)                                                   

Lafeesa has started a insurance assistant career with the Fortune 100 company Liberty Mutual. In the Fall, 2014, she plans to return to the University of Southern Maine to obtain a MA in either Leadership Studies to pursue a career in Human Resources or a MA in Community Planning & Development to pursue a career with a non-profit organization.

Julia Davidson (BA in Social Work, WGS Minor 2008)

After graduation, Julia moved to Providence and obtained an advanced degree in social welfare public policy. She spent the last several years working in the field of HIV/AIDS until recently taking a job with the Sexual Assault Response Services of Southern Maine. Her myriad work duties include weekly outreach in jails and the women’s shelter and participating in the steering committee for Take Back the Night 2013. A native of Portland, Julia spends her free time being near the ocean, watching cartoons, being nerdy about local and federal public policy, exploring yard sales and the wilds of rural Maine and spending time with her partner and their cat, Jellyroll.  She wants you to email her if you live locally and are interested in radical gender politics and direct action: juliaxdavidson@gmail.com