Women and Gender Studies Program


WGS/Social Work Professor, Susan Fineran speaking on the Impact of Sexual Harassment

Susan Fineran and co-author James Gruber (UMich-Dearborn) will be giving a paper on Gender, Sexual Orientation, and the Impact of Sexual Harassment Experiences on School Outcomes at the Society for the Study of Social Problems, New York City, August 9, 2013.

Listen to "What Good Is Philosophy?" with Keith Shortall and Prof. Kate Wininger

Professor Kate Wininger (Philosophy and Women & Gender Studies) was the guest on MPBN Public Radio's "Maine Calling" with Keith Shortall on the topic "What good is Philosophy?"

Prof. Assunta Kent named Season Archivist for Portland Stage Company

Assunta Kent, (Theater and Women & Gender Studies) presented the paper Playing Together Across Racial Divides: Patient Preparation for Respectful Direction, at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education in Orlando, August 2013.

USM WGS Proudly Celebrates Four Alums Headed to Graduate School

Four USM alums with ties to USM Women and Gender Studies pursue graduate degrees at New York University, Northwestern University, Simmons College and the University of Texas

Prof. Bruce Thompson Studies Early Childhood Development from a Gendered Perspective

Thompson along with a UROP research fellow are working in local preschools assessing children’s development in this area and exploring how it may be influence by different rates of pre-frontal cerebral cortex development—specifically executive function (e.g. impulse control, planning).

World Premiere of Opera and Accolates for USM's Daniel Sonenberg

Associate Professor of Music and WGS Affiliated Scholar, Daniel Sonenberg was awarded USM's Provost's Research Fellowship and Trustree Professorship for 2013-14 (the first professor to hold both awards concurrently), in order to orchestrate his opera, The Summer King, about Negro League baseball great Josh Gibson.

Prof. Wendy Chapkis quoted in the Forecaster

Wendy Chapkis, Professor of Women and Gender Studies and Sociology was interviewed for a July 16th article in the Forecaster about prostitution in the Parkside neighborhood of Portland.

Virtual Portland Women's History Trail in the Works

Prof. Eileen Eagan (History and Women & Gender Studies) is working on a "Digitizing Maine" project over the summer, developing an online Portland Women's History Trail.

Beyond the Black Heritage Trail: Race, Place, and Public Memory in New England

Prof. Eve A. Raimon (English and WGS) received a faculty senate research grant to work on her current book project, "Beyond the Black Heritage Trail: Race, Place, and Public Memory in New England."

WGS Council Member, Charlotte Rosenthal on the Feminist Subtext of Pussy Riot's 'prayer' in the PPH

An HBO documentary about the arrest, trial and sentencing of Pussy Riot is airing this summer and presents a Western view of the case. I was shocked by what I saw and heard, finding my own reactions quite mixed, as I viewed Pussy Riot from two different sensibilities -- the Russian and the Western.