Women and Gender Studies Program

October 2012 WGS Alumni Updates

Brie A. Dombrowski (BA in Sociology, WGS Minor 2011)

Almost immediately after graduation, Brie went about the work of fulfilling a life-long ambition and moved abroad to Tokyo, Japan. She currently teaches English at a conversation school in the Ikebukuro neighborhood and is lovin’ the day-to-day of life in the bustling and complex city of Tokyo. Her background in gender studies and sociology has made the gender dynamics of Japan interesting to both come into contact with and observe: while traditional gender roles are still expected of the people, sexuality and the body are generally treated in a much more open and accepting way than back home. In her free time she performs with the local theater group, hula hoops, learns Japanese, and feeds the stray cats around her apartment building.


Grace Mueller (BA in Geography/Anthropology, WGS Minor 2009)

Office Administrator by day, student by night, Grace Mueller works at a biotech start-up while attending her first semester as a premedical student at Washington University in Saint Louis. She's pleased as punch that her city will play host to this year's Medical Students for Choice Conference on Family Planning and invites any WGS folks attending the conference to sleep on her couch. Outside of work and school, Grace takes beginner ballet classes, explores the city by bike, and spends way too much time grocery shopping. Send her your latest feminist book/music recommendations at grace.n.mueller@gmail.com.


Kaylyn Palella (BA in Women and Gender Studies 2004)

Is currently restoring the 200-year-old house she and her soon-to-be wife, Sarah, purchased a year ago in Brunswick.  In July, she took a hiatus from rigging sailboats and house projects to sail from Portland to Portugal, and is now making a foray into winter self-employment.  If anyone needs boat or house repairs done, she'd be glad to hear from you at: kaylynpalella@gmail.com


Michaela Stone (BA in Women's Studies 2003)

Is a LSW working as the Community Navigator for the Boothbay Region Community Resources. She provides community case management and assists persons in need by connecting them with local resources. Michaela lives on magical Hobbit Hill where balls always roll and falling acorns dent the cars. Here, her time is spent with her husband of 16 years, 2 children, 4 dogs, a rabbit, a rat, a flock of guinea hens and a big fat turkey. She is a board member for the Lincoln County Animal Shelter and runs and bikes in her spare time.


Lauren Webster (BA in Women’s Studies 2002)

Can be found in the WGS office, whipping-up newsletters, advising students and molding chaos into order. In her off time, she spent the summer waving at tourists from her pink Vespa, when she was not employing a sledgehammer to renovate her “new” 104-year old home.


Michelle Morgan (BA in Arts & Humanities, Women’s Studies minor 2003, MA American & New England Studies 2009)

Last spring, Michelle passed her qualifying exams and advanced to candidacy as a doctoral student in the American Studies program at Yale University. She also completed her requirements for the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Certification, which included two fantastic semesters as a Teaching Assistant for George Chauncey’s U.S. Gay & Lesbian History course and Michael Warner’s American Literature course. Over the summer, she traveled to the Huntington Library and Bancroft Library in California and the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia to conduct research for her dissertation, which examines the intersections of material culture, performance, and U.S. empire by looking at the political and cultural work notions of “possession” made possible in the antebellum United States, using coal, gold, and ivory as case studies. She also spent several lovely weeks in Portland with her much-beloved and missed friends there and her son, Ezra. Currently she’s back in New Haven, CT, with her partner, Jaime, and is busy teaching, dissertating, and organizing in Yale’s student labor movement.


Gina Capra (BA in Women and Gender Studies 2005)

During her years at USM, she devoted her time to being a student, participating in diversity-based student groups and working for the University’s Women’s Resource Center, Multicultural Center, and Center for Sexualities and Gender Diversity. After graduation, Gina volunteered to help create the Women and Gender Studies Alumni Association in order to continue feeling connected to the University and the Women and Gender Studies Program. She later moved on to work at Family Crisis Services where she worked for three years, applying her knowledge of gender-based violence which she had studied in her degree program, and to advocate for and empower survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking. In September 2012, Gina set out on a new journey, relocating to Somerville, Massachusetts where she hopes to find work with diverse communities and attend graduate school to further her education in Women and Gender Studies and Non-Profit Management. She is excited about new opportunities to do social justice work and volunteerism, and to become an active part of her new community!


Sarah T. Moon (BA in Women and Gender Studies 2012)

Spent most of the summer battling Ninja Squirrels while living in a tent with two of her kids in Greenwood, VA.  After a few encounters with large animals in the night and racist men in trucks she was hired at CFA Institute in Charlottesville, VA—where she now resides—to arrange meetings and carry heavy objects while wearing heels and a smile. Although the enjoyment she gets from making and delivering snack baskets is sometimes… overwhelming…she plans to pursue prisoner rights advocacy and a career in making people angry, as opposed to lulling them into sugar comas. Her advice to current students is: stay in school forever and hug a professor today, they are endangered species.