Women and Gender Studies Program

Prof. Bruce Thompson Studies Early Childhood Development from a Gendered Perspective

Prof Bruce Thompson

Bruce Thompson, Associate Professor of Psychology and Women & Gender Studies Council Member is currently coordinating the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) and also supervising one of the UROP projects--a study exploring how gender affects the development of mental state reasoning (aka “theory of mind”) in preschool children.  Thompson along with a UROP research fellow are working in local preschools assessing children’s development in this area and exploring how it may be influence by different rates of pre-frontal cerebral cortex development—specifically executive function (e.g. impulse control, planning). They are also interested in looking at how family socioeconomic status, especially cases of severe poverty may differentially affect boys and girls and later this summer, will be starting a meta analysis of published studies on gender and theory of mind to learn where important similarities and differences occur, and at what points in early child development.