Women and Gender Studies Program

Summertime Scholarship for New Course on Love & War

Nancy Gish, Professor of English and Women & Gender Studies Council
member, organized and chaired two sessions on T. S. Eliot at the
American Literature Association in May; they included a paper on Djuna
Barnes's Nightwood, a brilliant modernist novel that addressed lesbian
life, and the sessions included women scholars from Israel and Italy. She will continue her scholarship this summer by writing on David Jones's In
Parenthesis, a great and little-discussed long prose poem of WWI. Like
many works from Celtic countries, it has been both praised and largely
left out, so it has to do with diversity. It will be presented on a
panel organized by Prof. Gish in Brighton, England along with a paper
on Hope Mirlees's poem, Paris, another largely ignored long poem of
WWI that presents a woman in the role of a flâneur, one who strolls
and observes and who was always presented as male. Her poem preceded Eliot's The Waste Land by two years and included many of the modernist styles for which he was credited. All of this scholarship will be part of a new course Prof. Gish is teaching this coming fall on the
literature and history of love and war entitled "Love & War in
Cultural Context" and offered Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from
1:15 to 2:30PM.