Women and Gender Studies Program

USM WGS Proudly Celebrates Four Alums Headed to Graduate School

USM Graduation

Gina Capra (BA Women & Gender studies, 2005) will be going to Simmons College this fall for a Master of Science in Management with a Non-Profit concentration. Additionally, she will be a Campus Leader fellow through the Futures Without Violence organization for this upcoming academic year and during that time will be doing domestic violence and sexual assault education, prevention and programing on the Simmons Campus.

Ryan Mack (BA in Sociology, 2011) will begin the PhD program in Sociology at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois this fall as a Mellon Cluster Fellow in Gender and Sexuality Studies. He plans to complete a graduate certificate in Gender and Sexuality Studies.

Emily Paine (BA in Women & Gender Studies and Sociology, 2008) is beginning a fully funded MA/PhD program in Sociology at University of Texas at Austin. She'll continue to explore intersections of gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, and health and social movements and intends to earn a graduate certificate in Gender Studies along the way.

Victoria Randall (BA in Women & Gender Studies, 2010) is currently a student in Performance Studies at New York University. The WGS faculty inspired and whole heartedly supported her thesis work exploring the intersections of burlesque and topless dancing through a lens of feminist, queer, and sexuality theory. Women and Gender Studies continues to motivate her burlesque performances and productions and infuse her graduate work with feminist and queer theory. She is interested in burlesquing every aspect of her academic career. Potential graduate projects include: OkCupid is Not Okay: Performances of Queer Internet Dating; production and performance of Jane Err: A Burlesque-Draglesque Musical; Hawt Disny's The Little Seagull, a mermaid burlesque of the Chekov play; and, Reasons for Getting Out of Bed: A One Woman Existential Crisis. Victoria plans to pursue a PhD in Performance Studies, American Studies, Theatre Studies, or Psychology in New York, California or Austin, Texas.